5 Date Plans for a Memorable V-Day

Another Valentine’s Day is upon us, romance is in the air,

people are search queries, looking to find a perfect way to show their love and how much they care about them.

Instead of fancy and unexpected plans, why not focus on the quality time this year?

Here we got 5 plans for you to make a truly memorable V-Day.


Dinner Date At Home

One of Valentine’s traditions is dinner out at a restaurant. However, you may find most restaurants overbooked or overpriced on V-Day. Try to prepare a romantic dinner at home, get a bottle of nice wine, or make a custom cocktail using flavors you both enjoy.  Don’t forget to serve it in champagne flutes or wine glasses to create the atmosphere.

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If you both love cooking, is perfect to spend time together to buy ingredients in the grocery store and do the team-work in the kitchen. If you guys can stand a little cheesy, buy matching aprons and take cute photos for this special moment.

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Movie Night At Home

Instead of surrounded by other couples in the theater, it better to have a private movie night at home. Pick a romantic movie or the one you both want to see,  make some popcorns and snacks. You can enjoy the cozy and laugh moments only with your beloved one.

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Sleepover-Have a long, nice chat

People are busy working in the day and don’t have enough time to communicate. Conversation is really important for a relationship and every couple needs it. If you are not interested in doing any activities on V-Day, just make it simple. Wearing comfy pajamas, lying on the bed with him and have a long, nice chat.  You can light up some candles and play some soft music to create the atmosphere.

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Outdoor Activities

It doesn’t have to be all dinner and swooning on V-Day, consider taking a hike, rock-climbing or riding bikes if you guys are outdoorsy.  Have a picnic if the weather is great, or go ice skating together, it would definitely leave you beautiful memory with him.

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Take a Road Trip

If you are lucky to have 2-3 days off during V-Day, take a road trip with him! Prepare the songs you both love on the road, go to the town you or he grew up, talking about the funny stuff when you guys were young. This journey can be part of the celebration.

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What would you plan to do on Valentine’s Day this year?

Leave a comment below to share your plan with us!

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  • Nicoleta
    January 22, 2019

    I don’t have any plan…yet!

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5 Date Plans for a Memorable V-Day