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“I don’t need a white dress,
Just city hall or Vegas,
Your hand in my hand is as good as it gets,
And baby you don’t need a nice tux,
Don’t even need to dress up,
Just bring me your love and if you don’t know it yet,
All I need is 90 years and you in your white T-shirt.

——White T-Shirt


This lovely song named White T-Shirt is sung by Megan &amp and Liz.

It seems that the charm and attraction of white tees never fades,

you can tell it not only from what we have learned from this song,

but also from what the fashion chases after in decades.

Today, ZAFUL presents you seven amazing bloggers to give you some clues in styling a white T-shirt.

Firstly, you can tie a knot on your T-shirt and match your T-shirt with a tiny floral buttoned wrap skirt,

just like what blogger @partialingredients does here.


Why tie a knot, you might ask.

Well, firstly for decoration purpose of course, as the shape of the knot can be various,

you can try and tie different types of knots to fit your current overall look.


Also, a knot at the front of your white tee actually can make your body curves more alluring

as @partialingredients does here.

I have to admit that her look here is truly an ice-cream for the eyes.

By the way, if you happen to have some oversize white T-shirt abandoned by your boyfriend

or just from inaccurate estimation for your own size,

you are welcome to use a knot anytime to save your whole look from being too puffy.


Secondly, if you have a white T-shirt with a cute pattern on it, just like what @toreincarnate has,

you can pair it with a midi dress and tucks the rim of the shirt inside.

This way, you can make your upper body look shorter while your legs look longer. Zaful

You can click the photos for this look to check out this Tabs Graphic Cute T-Shirt from ZAFUL.


ZafulThirdly, you can style your white T-shirt with a pencil skirt, like what @dvrkvska does here.


She pairs a letter white tee with ZAFUL’s checked twist pencil skirt and a checked pattern bucket bag.

The trick mainly lies in the uniformity for the checked pattern of the pencil skirt and bucket bag,

also for the black colour of the letter on the T-shirt and the bag. Noticing or not, she also tucks the T-shirt in.



Fourthly, if you get tired of knots on a white T-shirt,

you might wanna to try a ripped white T-shirt like what blogger @natalovvka wears here.

She pairs her ripped tee with black office trousers with white stripes on it.

No doubt that the final look is fresh & daring.


This short ripped short sleeve T-shirt is also from ZAFUL and you can check it out it by clicking the photos.



Fifthly, blogger @toreincarnate here again inspires us what kind of bottoms to match with while styling a white T-shirt.

For her top, she chooses a white faux fur flamingo oversized T-shirt and she matches it with a cropped blue jean skirt.


You can click the photos for this look to check out more flamingo pattern T-shirts in ZAFUL.



Sixthly, even though a white T-shirt may seem simple in style,

you can still use different shades of one specific colour to make your whole look pop.

Check out what @bez_dushna does here!

She pairs her cute fox pattern white tee with a plaid skirt from ZAFUL.

Have you found out her styling secret here?

Yep, she cleverly uses different shades of yellow, as her ginger hair,

yellow handbag and the orange fox on her white T-shirt all serve as essential parts in her whole look.




Last but not least, we also have @ellyleavitt here to demonstrate how to style a white T-shirt in a cool & sweet way.

She wears her white T-shirt inside a corduroy mini dress.

And her black choker, brown Brogues and cowboy hat all contribute to a more charming look.

Another successful example of styling a white T-shirt!




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