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With the development of the internet, our life becomes more and more convenient. We order our favorite items online and pay them online. But the uncertainty of the network makes us worry about whether our payment online is secure. Payment security is the feature online shoppers most widely review and concern about. Today we will introduce the payment methods and payment security on ZAFUL.

Payment Methods

ZAFUL mainly has 7 kinds of payment methods, PayPal, Credit Card Via Paypal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Western Union, Boleto Bancario, ZAFUL Gift Card and ZAFUL Wallet.

  1. PayPal:
  2. Pay by Credit Card Via Paypal or Directly

Pay by credit card directly can record your expense. You can track it. It also has purchase protection. Most credit card companies can handle potential disputes for you.

  1. Wire Transfer:

It is a traditional method of performing offline payments usually for big orders which exceed $500, but you’d better contact ZAFUL Support Center before paying for your order.

  1. Western Union:

Western Union is a reliable and secure payment. But after you have paid with this payment, you should inform ZAFUL Customer Service of the payment and include information about your name, address, order number, etc. That means a little more work for you.

  1. Boleto Bancario:

Boleto Bancario is mainly for Brazil, ZAFUL will work for importing more local payment options to provide more comprehensive and fast payment service to our customers, such as Ideal for the Netherlands, Softbank for Europeans etc.

  1. ZAFUL Gift Cards

Gift Card is a convenient, friendly way to pay from ZAFUL.

  1. ZAFUL Wallet

Fast and secure payment tool, making it easy to stay up-to-date with all your account transactions. It is ZAFUL store credit.

Payment Security

We all do not want our credit card information falling in the wrong hands. One wrong purchase could land your information in the wrong hands. If a legitimate merchant cannot keep their users safe, then no one will want to work with them. ZAFUL uses a secure PCI standard risk control system. These highly embedded control systems are powerful enough to scan and analyze each purchase to ensure that the purchase is not fraudulent or leaked to outside sources.

  1. COD

If you need to ship your parcels to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, India, Indonesia, Philippines; you can choose COD payment.

On the bottom right corner of, there is a McAfee SECURE logo, click it and you will find that received McAfee SECURE certification. Security details show that has no malware or malicious links, also no detected phishing. More security info about ZAFUL as a safe site can be found on there.


Notice: A scam site will not provide such number of different payment methods, also will not ensure your payment security.

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Payment On ZAFUL