The Past & Present of the Fashion Weeks

Are you a fashion addict?

“Of course!”, you might say.

Then you must know the famous “Big 4” fashion weeks

(Paris, New York, Milan and London Fashion Weeks) in the world.

But do you know about their origins and stories?

As the London Fashion Week is about to commence,

ZAFUL would like to invite you to take a tour down the history

& present of the fashion weeks.

【A quick summary for the “Big 4” Fashion Weeks: 】

They are held twice a year & can be divided into two parts:

one part for Fall/Winter (in Feb. and Mar.),

the other for Spring/Summer (in Sep. and Oct.).

Each part will be held in about one month with over 300 fashion shows.

The sequence for these four is:

New York Fashion Week—London Fashion Week—

Milan Fashion Week—Paris Fashion Week.


【Paris Fashion Weeks – Luxury】Zaful

It basically leads the international fashion trend.

Luxury is probably the best word to describe it

as many of its clothes will make you look like a fairy or goddess.

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【New York Fashion Weeks – Nature】


Usually, there are the most famous designers, brands,

models and stars in New York Fashion Weeks.

The theme for New York Fashion Week is nature.

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【London Fashion Weeks – Boldness】Zaful

London Fashion Week is known for its bold design concept

& bizarre ways of display.

The clothes are usually cropped in an ingenious way.

They bring surprises to the audiences a lot.

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【Milan Fashion Weeks – Novelty】


Milan Fashion Week is well known for its most delicate design

and excellent skills worldwide, featuring leather clothing,

leather shoes, leather bags and leather coats.

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And here are the stories of the fashion weeks:

– END OF THE 19TH CENTURY: Elegant Stroll at the Racecourse

Back in the 19th century,

some designers who knew a thing or two about commercial running

started to hire girls and had them wearing the clothes they designed at the racecourse.

This move instantly attracted the press’s attention.

With journalists’ reports, the designers’ clothes gradually became famous.

– 1903: First U.S Fashion Show(at Enrich Brothers department store)

The fashion shows in the U.S started to expand in 1910,

but differed itself in the form of organization.

From the beginning, it was just for promoting and advertising.

And it was called “Department Store Show’”.

The first Department Store Show was held in Madison Square Garden in 1903.

– 1943: The Birth of the New York Press Week

The U.S government hired a woman named Eleanor Lambert,

who later called several U.S designers together and

held a designer’s press meeting that displayed their products in 1943.

So this is the first ”Press Week” in the history.

And in 1994, the Press Week of New York was changed into “New York Fashion Week”.

– 1945: The Birth of the Paris Fashion Week

Although Paris was too busy engaging in the World War II

and could hardly develop its fashion industry at that time,

after witnessing the success of the U.S fashion industry,

Paris quickly held its first international fashion week in 1945.

– 1958: The Birth of the Milan Fashion Week

Among the “Big 4”, Milan Fashion Week is the latest founded one, yet,

it has become the most outstanding one with thousands of professional buyers

and designers contributing their thoughts and inspiration.

It is always been regarded as the barometer of world fashion design and consumption.

– 1984: The Birth of the London Fashion Week

The first London Fashion Week

(it was called British Fashion Week before) was held in 1971.

Until 1984, the name was changed to London Fashion Week.

– 1984 Until Now

Nowadays, fashion weeks have already become an all-people movement.

Each year, the stars on the red carpet for the fashion weeks,

their clothing and their dressing styles all become the hot topics that people fiercely discuss.

Therefore, a fashion show today can convey things more than commercial purposes,

such as people’s embrace of pop culture,

also their tolerance to the younger generation.


By the way, now ZAFUL is preparing for the London Fashion Week,

you can check more videos HERE.

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