Trending Colors For 2019

As Pantone, the most authorized institution for popular color forecasting,

has already released several popular colors for 2019 Spring/Summer New York Fashion Week,

you fashionable gals must be looking for new & colourful clothes to renew your wardrobe!

Today ZAFUL would like to introduce ZAFUL’s several trending colors for 2019.

Be ready!


Maple Syrup is a color somewhat between orange and brown.

It is not as bright as orange, or as dark as brown.

It gives people a warm & sweet impression.

If you want to create a chic & elegant look,

Crew Neck Distressed Sweater is something we would recommend you.


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Left: Crew Neck Distressed Sweater

Middle: ZAFUL Heart Patched Loose Fluffy Sweater

Right: Striped Trim Slim Ribbed Sweater


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Left: Slit Sleeve Mock Neck Sweater

Middle: Zipper Embellished Plain Keyhole Sweater

Right: Off Shoulder Belted Sweater Dress

If you want to try some fun pattern, a Color Splice Geometry Shawl Scar is your perfect choice!

If you just want to go simple, patched Pockets Open Front Cardigan would be a great choice.

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Autumn Yellow is a bright & enthusiastic color,

it reminds you of the golden leaves at autumn,

as well as the lazy but beautiful afternoon sunlight.

Wanna prepare for the upcoming cold weather?

try this V Neck Drop Shoulder Oversized Sweater! 🙂

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Left: Turtleneck Chunky Cable Knitted Sweater

Middle:  ZAFUL Cable Knit Turtleneck Cropped Sweater

Right: Dropped Shoulder Mock Neck Sweater

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Left: V Neck Drop Shoulder Oversized Sweater

Middle: Drop Shoulder Figure Print Hoodie

Right: ZAFUL Oversized Chevron Patches Pullover Sweater

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Plum Violet is mysterious and alluring at the same time.

Slip Dress and velvet dress are something that will never outdated.

You might wanna dress in one of the two dresses below in a formal dinner!

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Left: Split Hem Turtleneck Boxy Sweater

Middle: Crochet Overlay Tie Back Mini Skater Dress 

Right: Knotted Velvet Overlap Blouse

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Left: Cami Draped Crossover Slip Dress

Middle: Velvet Cinched One Shoulder Dress

Right: Self-tie High Waisted Leggings

If you have lots of leggings in black or grey and plans to change a color, why don’t you try these plum leggings?

Meanwhile, inner pocket at the waistband helps you to store essentials.

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Army green is a color that is ultra friendly to your eyes, unlike the high-key cyan,

Army Green makes you feel comfortable and secure.

The Crane Embroidered Sweatshirt below is made of suede material

and it’s smooth and comfortable to wear.

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Left: Fluffy Zip Up Winter Teddy Coat

Middle: Drop Shoulder Fluffy Boxy Hoodie

Right: Zip Up Fluffy Faux Fur Winter Coat


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Left: Hooded Drawstring Tunic Coat

Middle: Solid Color Sweater With Cold Shoulder

Right: Zip Up Velvet Sweatshirt

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Coffee Brown is a down-to-earth color.

As it is one of the easiest matching colors,

you will find it very necessary to your wardrobe.

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Left: Ribbed Knit Basic Sweater

Middle: Lace-up Choker Sweater

Right: Wide Sleeve Cable Knit Drop Shoulder Sweater

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Left: Slit Flare Sleeve Sweater Dress

Middle: Half-zip Fleece Tunic Hoodie

Right: Cable Knit Mock Neck Pullover Sweater

In a solid color, the coffee brown full-length sleeves hoodie is soft and fluffy.

Its elastic texture will make you feel comfortable.

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