During the LFW, fashion bloggers, stars and models

all demonstrated their creative and novel ways of dressing.

Now as the LFW came to a perfect closure,

ZAFUL has taken plenty of street snaps!

Today ZAFUL will lead you to browse through a few snaps from the LFW.

Are you ready?Zaful

With an eye-catching bald head and fair skin,

this lady in the yellow-and-fushia one-piece

successfully attracts people with her unique style.

I have to admit, for a moment, her style kinda reminds me of

Vivienne Westwood ’s personal image.

Points for the elaborate color crop!

And don’t forget the fushia glasses,

which adds extra charm to the whole look.Zaful

“Miss McDonald” here seems very concentrated on the camera on the left.

It’s not difficult to realize how much love she put in for McDonald,

as you tell it from the all red McDonald outfit.

But it is the details that make it such a great look.

Her platinum hair, light yellow beret and

heart-shaped sunglasses together creates a cute & chic vibe.

She even matches a Happy Meal box to go with the outfit.

Maybe McDonald should invite her to be its new spokeswoman.Zaful

With black kitten heels on her feet & a casual plaited braid,

this fashion styler throws herself in a vintage flower pattern suit.

Got to say that the vibe she gives out seemingly sends the message

“I just woke up from my queen-size bed in a castle”.

However, it’ s one of my favorite look in this street snap collection.Zaful

What would you wear if you want to attract everyone’s attention?

Well, the combination of an orange one-piece, a silver coat, a pair of

exaggerated sunglasses in the irregular shape(with eccentric white on each side),

blue lips and of course, a sassy posture, then voila!

Here comes the headline-grabbing look you ask for, miss!Zaful

Matching a blue transparent coat with a newspaper pattern printed top,

a cropped midi dress, and blue fluffy strappy heels together,

this fashion styler really goes for all-blue!

It’s definitely bold & wise!Zaful

Yes, men also walk on the front of fashion!

This guy matches a lightning pattern jacket with a mesh shirt,

adding a soft dress, long socks and a pair of heeled boots.

Also, the joker-like make-up on his face is unique!Zaful

For this look, personally, I like the look shot from the back,

as it resembles some sophisticated gowns that nobles would wear in the big balls.

But honestly, the front look doesn’t look so great.

Part of the reason might lies in the short and the pinkish heels.

What do you think?Zaful

With exotic short dotted blouse, grass-color yarn skirt,

flower-decorated hat and nude high heels,

our back pearl here nails the look!

It is elegant and passionate at the same time!

What do you guys think? Do you like the outfits they are wearing?

What do you think?

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