What ZAFUL Babes bought: Winter Edition

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There are so many gorgeous reviews on ZAFUL’s Instagram,

but do you know what items ZAFUL babes like the most?

Let’s take an in-depth examination and find out the answers!

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Winter Coat – definitely the NO.1 popular catalog in ZAFUL babe’s winter shopping list.

Who doesn’t need a coat in winter? Especially for the chilly and windy days, must grab a nice coat to keep us warm before going out.

                                 @izacass                                              @orianne.kotel                                  @julia_maria_therese

Our best seller in this catalog, of course, is the Teddy Coat!

It’s a global trend which is super popular and cute, ZAFUL provides a variety of styles and colors of Teddy coats for you to choose. Most of our customers reviewed them “comfy, adorable with the best price”.

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How We Style ZAFUL Teddy Coat?

                                @angel.iica                                            @amenahsoares                                       @thaliabree

Beside of the iconic Teddy brown color and design, other colors and Teddy items are worth to take a look.

When you checking the Teddy coats, don’t miss them out 😉

/Check More Teddy Items HERE/

Stylish Jacket – talking about the effortless, easy-to-style item, must be the Jacket! ZAFUL always has sharp eyes for seeking the best designs for the customers and luckily it becomes one of the popular catalogs this winter.

                      @pozytywnie_naszkicowana                                                                        @lilicadez

Our best seller in this catalog must be the Denim Jacket with Faux Shearling-Lined which add extra cuteness and warmth to the winter outfit, you might also notice the shortcutting – the perfect design for flattering the body shape.

                                        @marinertnd                                                                                 @lamodaurore

This Faux Suede Belted Pocket Jacket is so popular among fashion bloggers! Not only the materials are super warm but also the color and design are really in style these days.

Comfy Sweater – it’s never enough for wearing sweaters in winter! As the classic item in the winter daily basics, there are over 2000 styles of sweaters on ZAFUL website, you can definitely find your ideal one.

                              @belethereal                                         @therachelashley                                         @lifeoflone

You must recognize this Oversized Frayed Cropped Pullover Sweater in many posts of instagramers and youtubers. The oversize and deep V design is really sexy and feminine, no wonder is one of our best sellers.

                                         @sidneykathryne                                                                  @vanessapiazza89

ZAFUL also has other colors and designs for this, don’t forget to check them out.


Here comes another popular sweater – Faux Pearl Mock Neck Sweater, the details of this sweater are so delicate and unique, this item sold out so fast and if you see there are still your size on the site, don’t hesitate to get it!

                               @__maryb__                                        @stellaamartinn                                  @Cristinatabun

Believe or not, ZAFUL babes are crazy about Chunky Sweater. One of our best sellers is this Chunky Knit Sweater with Turtleneck design, it has plenty of colors so you can feel free to buy your favorite one.

                                           @julia_maria_therese                                                                      @verouture

If you are kind of person who loves to buy one design with different color, you have to check this V Back Lace Up Sweater! The lace-up details in the back and deep V cutting in the front are quite chic and cute in the daily styles.

                                                     @hdlamr                                                                            @ouiamhicham

Colorblock element is one of the trends this year, girls can’t resist the bright color and comfy cutting sweaters. This Colorblock Crop Sweater with the interesting combination becomes one of the favorites of ZAFUL babes.

                                        @txmvv                                                    @unknown                                       @buttnaenayy

Last but not least, don’t miss this super adorable knit top on ZAFUL if you want to be standing out in the crowds. The stripes allow you to adjust the length of the top and give you the curves, isn’t that genius?


Which item or trend do you like the best?

Let us know in the comment below!

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What ZAFUL Babes bought: Winter Edition