Z-Star Issue.01 – Cristina Tabun

We are so thrilled to deliver you the new special column – Z-Star!

In this special column, we will interview ZAFUL lovers from all over the world.

Interviewee might be bloggers, customers, or maybe you!

Z-Star is a place to know each other better, you can meet lots of amazing people here.

Without further ado, let’s welcome our first guest today – Cristina Tabun, a fashion blogger from Moldova!

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ZAFUL: How did you initially get started in the fashion industry?

Cristina: I have studied fashion design and always liked everything related to the fashion industry.

Even before I have started the blog I was involved in many fashion projects.

After which I decided to create my own blog and from there began the most beautiful and productive collaborations.


ZAFUL: How would you best describe your blog and style?

Cristina: My style is like a chameleon, it changes depending on the mood, in the country I am living in, or even on the outside weather.

The blog is also a mix of styles that harmoniously blend together.


ZAFUL: How much time do you usually need for your outfits before going out?

Cristina: Usually I know every morning what I want to wear and I organize myself very quickly.

ZAFUL: At the moment, are there certain autumn/winter trends/styles you are loving and why?

Cristina: At the moment I’m crazy about the animal print, especially of the leopard and the snake one.


ZAFUL: When is your first time to know about ZAFUL and what do you think about this brand?

Cristina: I’ve known about ZAFUL several years ago when I received the first request for collaboration.

I ordered a romper and I liked it a lot. Since then it has become one of my favorite brands.


ZAFUL: What’s your favorite ZAFUL piece that you featured in your blog lately and why?

Cristina: One of the last pieces is a green blouse which I adore and which I’ve mixed with a pair of fuchsia pants.

It is very versatile and I can wear it with a lot of other clothes.



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Z-Star Issue.01 – Cristina Tabun