Z-Star Issue.02 – Elsa Gervasi


We are so thrilled to deliver you the new special column – Z-Star!

In this special column, we will interview ZAFUL lovers from all over the world.

Interviewee might be bloggers, customers, or maybe you!

Z-Star is a place to know each other better, you can meet lots of amazing people here.


Today’s guest is -Elsa Gervasi, a fashion blogger from Spain!

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ZAFUL: How did you initially get started in the fashion industry?

Elsa: I started in the world of fashion when I was 16 years old.

It was a coincidence of destiny because I wanted to change my way of dressing

and I found the main platforms of fashionable social networks on the internet, and I encouraged myself to upload my own outfits as well.


ZAFUL: How would you best describe your blog and style?

Elsa: I like to define my blog as something fresh and innovative.

I do not have a defined style, but I do identify a lot with the “boho-chic”.


ZAFUL: How much time do you usually need for your outfits before going out?

Elsa: At least I need half an hour to think about them.

If any inconvenience occurs later, I can be in front of the mirror for about an hour.

ZAFUL: At the moment, are there certain autumn/winter trends/styles you are loving and why?

Elsa: Definitely. This autumn/winter I am in love with the trend of snake print and bell-bottoms with a high waist.


ZAFUL: When is your first time to know about ZAFUL and what do you think about this brand?

Elsa: I met Zaful two years ago because they contacted me to start a collaboration with my blog.

Since then I work with them every month and I feel very lucky to be able to wear their brand.


ZAFUL: What’s your favorite ZAFUL piece that you featured in your blog lately and why?

Elsa: My favorite Zaful garment in recent months has been the bikini that I have used the most in summer.

Everyone who sees me asks me about it, where I bought it, and many girls have bought it too.

What do you think?

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Z-Star Issue.02 – Elsa Gervasi