Z-Star Issue.03 – Theoni Argyropoulou

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Today’s Z-Star is -Theoni Argyropoulou, a fashion/travel blogger from Greece!


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ZAFUL: How did you initially get started in the fashion industry?

Theoni: I have always been interested in fashion and wanted to start something of my own, like a journal,

in which I could showcase my personal style. That’s when Something Vogue was born!

ZAFUL: How would you best describe your blog and style?

Theoni: Something Vogue is a personal Style Blog about fashion and lifestyle, that highlights my casual chic outfits through simplicity.


ZAFUL: How much time do you usually need for your outfits before going out?

Theoni: It depends haha! I may need 5 min (if I know what I am going to wear) or about 45 min!

ZAFUL: At the moment, are there certain autumn/winter trends/styles you are loving and why?

Theoni: Yes, so many of them! I am loving the leopard print trend, the ugly sneakers, straw bags, the check print and wearing skirts with chunky sneakers.


ZAFUL: When is your first time to know about ZAFUL and what do you think about this brand?

Theoni: I was familiar with ZAFUL before starting my blog but never got the chance to try out clothes from it. (Now I had) I really love it!

I have found so many affordable pieces that look so good. Faux furs, bodysuits, and bags are some of my personal faves!


ZAFUL: What’s your favorite ZAFUL piece that you featured in your blog lately and why?

Theoni:Okay I have so many of them! Here are a few of them:

Definitely this red bikini, the bodysuit and my red round bag. I have worn them so many times. And The cutest white blouse!



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Z-Star Issue.03 – Theoni Argyropoulou