Z-Star Issue.04 – Katarzyna Klara Zaród


Today’s Z-Star is – Katarzyna Klara Zaród, a fashion/travel blogger from Poland!


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ZAFUL: How did you initially get started in the fashion industry?

Katarzyna: I always loved to look different than others and I wanted to express myself through fashion.


ZAFUL: How would you best describe your blog and style?

Katarzyna: I can’t describe my blog or my style in one or two words. On my website you can find a lot of different styles.

Sometimes I look like rock star’s girlfriend and sometimes like girl from the block :)!


ZAFUL: How much time do you usually need for your outfits before going out?

Katarzyna: It depends where I want to go out. Generally, like every woman, I say very often “I have nothing to wear” :D!

Yeah, but to be honest I go to my wardrobe 1 hour earlier and I’m looking for the perfect outfit.

ZAFUL: At the moment, are there certain autumn/winter trends/styles you are loving and why?

Katarzyna: Yes, it’s definitely leopard print. I’m always in love with this print.


ZAFUL: When is your first time to know about ZAFUL and what do you think about this brand?

Katarzyna: I know ZAFUL from 2 years and I’m always very satisfied with my shopping experience.

ZAFUL has a lot of beautiful and original clothes, and moreover quality the clothes is very nice.


ZAFUL: What’s your favorite ZAFUL piece that you featured in your blog lately and why?

Katarzyna:My favourite Zaful piece is polka dot top. Top looks cute and is very comfortable.



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