ZAFUL On Campus – Activewear Anywhere

Hey, girls~ ZAFUL On Campus Event is finally here.

This fall, Our #activeweareverywhere campaigns will be hosted and it can be participated both online and Offline!

This post can guide you how to join and win the awesome prices, check it out.


[Online Participation]

During Oct 22nd to Nov 16th, go to our Even Page and buy the legging with $0.99 by the following steps:

1. Click the [VERIFY NOW] button to finish the Student Verification.

2. Get the Special leggings coupon and use it to buy the red leggings(free shipping, 1500 pieces limited).

3. Waiting for the package to arrive and style it! (Be creative~)

4. Take your photos and Upload to our Even Page , make sure to share your post to your friends to get more likes.



From Oct 31st to Nov 14th, every week we will pick One Weekly Champion and One Lucky Supporter.

The Weekly Champion can get a 50% OFF coupon and a pair of earphone, The Lucky Supporter can get a 30% OFF coupon.

Weekly Champion: The post with the most likes in the week.
Lucky Supporters: The one who click the like in the Weekly Champion’s post.

* Our first Weekly Champion and Lucky Supporter has already announced, you can check on Z-Me to our Instagram

* You can see all the participation both on Z-Me and Instagram



On Nov.19th, we will count the total likes from Oct 22nd – Nov.18th and announce the final winners for this campaign.

First Prize (1 winner with the highest number of likes): Free tickets to HongKong valued $1000

Second Prize (2 winners/second and third highest number of likes): Whole Year Fashion Supply valued $600

Third Prize (3 winners/fourth, fifth, and sixth highest number of likes): Beast Earphone valued $250

[Offline Participation]

During Oct 31st to Nov.16th, ZAFUL will go to 3 universities and host the campaign in California,.

We prepared 2000 limited edition canvas bags, 2000 bespoke hair bands, and 1500 sports leggings.

Here’s where we will be this fall, hope to see you there!


Click the Z-Me logo below if you have any questions or comments.


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